R S x T

Pianist Roman Schuler is one of those musicians who extend jazz to include hip-hop, fusion grooves and electronic music. That is why he called his trio extended. RSxT combines the lyrical power of the piano with the vitality of groove music. „Plus x“ gives the band a special impulsifity and a dynamic range from solopiano to a full fusion bandsound. In the trio's pulsating music, clear melody lines encounter gripping improvisations. Schuler's playing moves between lyrical passages and powerful, impulsive grooves. He is as likely to play the classical grand as a moog or any other synthesizer, and samples also occur in his compositions. RSxT have already established their reputation as a live band, because their passion for music always comes across. Schuler, born in Karlsruhe, has worked in the past with other pop and hip-hop musicians, such as Ferris MC and Max Mutzke. This year an album by Schuler's Trio was released: „On Behalf Of Myself“ is a fresh and contemporary interpretation of jazz, that brings the sound between the worlds of Jazz, Hip Hop and Electro to life.


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