R S x T

On behalf of himself - Roman Schuler started his trio project RSxT (Roman Schuler extended Trio) two years ago. The feedback on their first album“On Behalf Of Myself” was amazing, great festival shows and club-tours were following, and now a second Album was released spring 2019!

RSxT was in a change. Romans project, the “Myself” changed into a We, into an Ourselves. RSxT is not just Roman anymore, also not a trio, theRoman Schuler extended Trio grew up, is blooming, became a team, a collective. RSxT is flourishing and on the 29st of March 2019 they released their new album on XJAZZ music label (Berlin).


RSxT - at home everywhere

In jazz clubs, on festival stages and on the dance floor. With keyboards, a massive sound and the right groove they tear genre boundaries between jazz, electronic music, pop and hip-hop and build on the ruins of their own sound world. On RSxTs new album "FLOURISH", which will be released on the Berlin label XJAZZ music (29.03.2019), Roman Schuler (piano, electronics), Konrad Herbolzheimer (bass) and Alex Klauck (drums) offer a successful sound symbiosis.

Music, which invites to dance and dream.


Piano, plus beats, plus X

X stands for the unknown and the extraordinary. X stands for the crossing of Boundaries and directions. X is variable and solution.

RSxT ( original for Roman Schuler extended Trio) tear down the genre boundaries on their second album "Flourish" and explore the boundaries of the new jazz and groove music. Between HipHop and Electro-Grooves suddenly emerges a smooth piano solo, the trumpet of studio guest Sebastian Studnitzky flying over wafting basses, in between Julian Maier- Hauff provides remixed techno beats and at the end there is a surprising rap feature by Luis Baltes (Fünf Sterne Deluxe).

"FLOURISH" is a musical chameleon that travels from one genre to the next, and shines in a wide variety of sounds.

But RSxT does not only invite guests, it produces and remixes itself and constantly develops its own tracks. In order for this to work, Roman Schuler has developed the "plus x" idea of the trio further and new interfaces between analog piano sounds and technical possibilities of sound design. Using the fat Moog basses and the samples from Ableton he individualized the sound of the trio. Plus x ensures that the sound of the trio radiates a large formation. A synthesis of classical jazz sound, the energy of the electronic music scene and the beats and grooves from soul and hip hop. All these elements - the trio combines with a joy of playing and passion, which is absolutely contagious. Generations-spanning music that invites all people to dance, but where you can also wander your thoughts and welcome you to dream...


RSxT - biography

RSxT is a band, a project a collective. But head of this group is Roman Schuler. Roman is born in 1981 in Karlsruhe. He studied Cultural Management and Communication in Karlsruhe and Hamburg, before he decided to focus on his carrier as a musician. In Hamburg he studied piano, added a Master in Production in Mannheim and was building up a carrier as Keyboarder and pianist in pop and jazz music. Schuler has worked in the past with pop and hip-hop musicians, such as Ferris MC, ELIF, Selina Mour and Max Mutzke.

„On Behalf Of Myself“, the first album of his own trio RSxT was released in early 2017 as a fresh and contemporary

interpretation of jazz, that brings the sound between the worlds of Jazz, Hip Hop and Electro to life. After this album RSxT was playing a couple of concerts in Jazzclubs, as well as in alternative hipster venues and on famous Festivals like Elbjazz (Hamburg), Enjoy Jazz (Heidelberg, Manheim) or XJazz Festival Berlin. 2019 a headliner show at Jozzopen Hamburg and a tour to Jazzmandu Festival, Kathmandu (Nepal) followed. Also in the pandemic the trio stayed active and produced a livestream concert with a synced video show.